The brain is like a giant computer. This computer creates millions of impulses every second of your life, whether you are awake or asleep. The impulses flow down from the brain through a cable called the spinal cord.
A cross section of the spinal cord shows about 3 million nerve fibers. Branching off the spinal cord are 33 pairs of spinal nerves, exiting between the 24 moveable vertebra going to every tissue cell, every organ and every muscle in the body.
There are 70 trillion cells in the human body. There are 5 major systems of the body; circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and nervous systems.  There are 650 muscles in the body and 206 bones.  If you connected all of the arteries and veins in the body, it would circle the earth between 2 and 3 times.
There are so many nerves in the human body, that if you could strip away the skin, muscles, bones, and organs, leaving only the nerves, the human form would still be visible in all its spendor.
There are 5 million tactile proprioceptors in the fingertips for sensation and feeling. There are 3 million in the heavy muscles over the kidney. The human nervous system is a very sophisticated system...far more advanced than the worlds most powerful computer.
Why is this so important?
The delicate spinal cord with its 3 million nerves that connect the brain to the 70 trillion cells...
...passes through the spine and between each vertebrae. The spine is segmented and moveable. A misalignment in a vertebrae can interfere with the critical nerve flow to an organ, tissue, cell, and muscle, therefore lowering the resistance and decreasing the capability of the tissue effected.
Do you have more faith in a pill or potion?
The power that created the body can certainly heal the body...the body needs a good nerve supply...Chiropractors check nerve supply.
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